glow getters, get ready
sweat seekers, stand by
wellness dwellers…
just breathe

From the fitness folk who delivered a distinctly different Pilates experience to the Northern Beaches, introducing HEAT by TSC.

HEAT is the Northern Beaches new hotspot for glow-getters seeking a tropical workout terrain, and a fully immersive, boutique fitness experience.

From Hot Pilates to Hot HIIT with a healthy dose of heated Yoga in between, The Spring Collective continues to assert its Pilates prowess, whilst expanding its programme portfolio and leading practitioner pool.

The line up is fully lit with leading infrared technology that delivers benefits such as detoxification, muscular healing, relaxation, and recovery. Additionally, class sizes have been kept to a familiar minimum so that participants receive the personalised coaching and guidance that has always been a pre-requisite at The Spring Collective.

Heat by TSC
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